Monday, April 7, 2014

A Picky Eater?

Nora got sick with a stomach bug a couple weeks ago. It was awful and she was so sick she wouldn't eat any solid foods. Since then, she has become super picky about the food she will eat. It's new territory for us because she has always happily eaten everything we gave her. We were still giving her baby foods by a spoon about half the time up until that point, but now she is very hesitant about letting us feed her anything. Currently, Nora really just wants to feed herself, which is not a bad thing! I know we need to transition her to table food soon. She eats a lot of the same food as us and is really enjoying it. She is almost a year old so I'm not totally surprised at this transition. Through this, we have discovered so many more foods she likes. We roasted a tomato for her the other day and she gobbled it right up. Here's a montage of Nora enjoying said tomato. 

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