Monday, October 26, 2015

The Picnic Quilt

I finished a quilt! I'm calling this one the picnic quilt because that's what it reminds me of with the gingham patchwork and dandelion print backing. This quilt was intended to be sold in my Etsy shop, but I love it too much and it now belongs to baby #2. That keeps happening for some reason....

If you're interested in this quilt I did put up a made to order option in my Etsy shop. Nora told me she wants a purple quilt for her birthday and Madison had the idea to remake this quilt in shades of purple, so that might be in our future. My "to quilt" list just keeps getting longer. I'm glad to finally have this one checked off the list!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Pregnancy Update: I'm Exhausted But Enjoying This

I am currently 32 weeks pregnant with Baby #2. Since we passed the halfway point, I thought it might be nice to record an update of how things are going. This pregnancy is much different than my first. Nora was a surprise but this baby was mostly planned. I say mostly because we knew we wanted our kids close in age, but I don't think Madison or I were expecting to get pregnant so quickly. 

Overall, I feel a lot better than I did last time. Of course, there is still the general aches and pains, but they aren't as bad as I remember them being last time. I have more energy and can come home from work and be awake the whole evening without falling asleep on the couch. Now that might be partly due to the fact that I still need to take care of Nora, so who's to say I wouldn't be napping more if she wasn't constantly asking for milk or crayons. 

When I got pregnant with Nora, I was fresh out of college and living on my own with my boyfriend for the first time without roommates, so I was still pretty immature at that point. There's no denying that I took full advantage of pregnancy and ate horribly. That contributed to my weight gain and hypertension, which eventually lead to me being induced early to make sure Nora was healthy. This time I'm trying to prevent that by eating healthier, or trying to at least. I did buy myself a jar of cookie butter at Trader Joe's this weekend so I'm not going too crazy. At this point I have gained less weight than when I was 32 weeks pregnant with Nora which has alleviated a lot of stress. 

Speaking of stress, I feel a lot less of it. I've done this before so I know what we're getting ourselves into. We still have a lot of Nora's baby things, so we aren't starting from scratch. Nora is already sleeping in her big girl bed so there is a crib ready and waiting to be filled with a sleepy newborn. 

At my last visit my doctor asked how this pregnancy was compared to my last one. I told him it was going better than the last and he was surprised by that. Apparently a lot of women feel that their second pregnancy is more difficult, especially because they are taking care of another child at that point. I suppose I should consider myself lucky. That's not to say that it has been a piece of cake. My back is killing me and I have heartburn almost every night, but I feel like I can enjoy this pregnancy more and just can't wait to have a new little baby to snuggle. 

All in all, I feel really good. I know things are going to be difficult once the baby comes and we readjust to life as a family of four, but I cannot wait for that day to come. I know we're up to the challenge. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Shop Love: Ellie Baby


Now that I have your attention with that adorable baby, I have a new Etsy shop to send some love to. The image above is from Ellie Baby, a baby accessory shop I recently discovered, and am currently loving. 

When Nora was still using pacifiers, we would always struggle with keeping them clean because she would use them for a little while and then spit them on the floor. I wanted to avoid that situation with baby #2 and have been looking for some cute pacifier clips so that her pacifier is always clean and within reach. Etsy is my go-to site for cute baby products, and when I found this shop, they had the perfect item for me: braided leather pacifier clips. These are considerably less bulky than your traditional fabric pacifier clip, plus they are a lot cute. I decided to order a light pink one for our new little lady, and added a tiny leather bow headband to my order as well.

How cute is this set?! I'm obsessed. The quality of the products is great, and they are just beyond adorable. I ordered the pacifier clip because it seems very useful, the fact that it is also so precious and matches this bow is a major bonus.

I reached out to the shop owner, Rachel, with a special request and she was very quick to respond and super helpful. She shipped the products out to me quickly and they arrived only 2 days after I received my shipping notification. The baby may not be here yet but I am still antsy to get all of her things put away, so fast shipping is always a plus. The packaging is super cute as well, and Rachel included a hand written note on the packing slip. Little touches like that are why I love ordering from small shops. You get a personal experience that you can't get from shopping at big box stores. I love that I can interact with the person who made the product I am going to use. 

This type of pacifier clip works with any pacifier, as long as it has a hole for the end to loop through. Nora was particular to the Philips Avent pacifiers, so I picked up a few for the new baby. Hopefully she likes them too! The bow is on a headband made of very soft and stretchy nylon. There is also an option to have it attached to an alligator clip, which is perfect for older girls. 

The headbands obviously look super cute on. I'm planning on using the one I got in some of our newborn photos. I think it'll be the perfect accessory to add some personality without being overwhelming.

If you're in the market for cute baby accessories, go check out Ellie Baby on Etsy. I'm so pleased with my experience and can't wait to order again. I have my eye on the gold leather bow headband next. Let me know what your favorite item is!

Monday, October 12, 2015

A Day at the Farm

Hello! It's been a while since I updated this space. Life has been crazy over here. In case you're wondering, yes I am still pregnant. We're currently at 32 weeks, and counting down the time until baby #2 gets here. I'll post a more in-depth pregnancy update soon because I think the differences between my first pregnancy and this one are really interesting.

In current news, we went to a farm today! There is a small family farm that Madison and I drive by everyday on our way to work today and we decided to take Nora today. There was a hayride, a corn maze (which we decided not to attempt), pick your own pumpkins and some farm animals to look at, as well as a farm stand. It was just the perfect amount of fall activities and Nora had a great time. Here's some photos from our day.

We came home with the tiniest pumpkin for Nora, some apple cider and a blueberry pie. Once we were settled at home we made lunch and Nora looked at Madison and I and said "family dinner" in her sweet little voice. It was so nice to hear her say that because I always tell her how much I love it when we all sit down and eat together. Today just such a nice, simple family day. I love days like today.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Blanket for Baby #2: Easiest Patchwork Baby Blanket

I finished by first project for baby #2. It is a simple patchwork blanket with a flannel backing. I made a bunch of these for Nora before she was born. They were the perfect size for tummy time, and I have so many pictures of her laying on these before she could crawl. 

I didn't make anything super girly for Nora, so I definitely wanted to sew msomething pink for the new baby. I used Ann Kelle Girlfriends in blue Mermaids and blue and pink dot remix, plus some old fabrics I had in my stash (which should make my husband happy). The finished size of the blanket is 36" x 36", which makes it a great little blanket to have on hand, as well as a quick project to finish.  


1/3 yard of 6 different fabrics
1 yard backing fabric (I used flannel)
coordination thread
cutting mat
acrylic ruler
rotary cutter

Step One: Cut your fabric to size. You will need 6 6.5" squares of each of your 6 fabrics, so 36 squares total.   

I chose my fabrics based off the Ann Kelle mermaids fabric. I pulled colors for that, and played with scale for each of my accent fabrics. The pink and blue polka dot fabrics are a medium scale, the scallop fabric (which I thought looked a little like scales) is a larger print, and the white on white dot, along with the yellow stripe are very small, subtle patterns. Varying scale in your design will help to prevent the entire piece from looking too visually cluttered. 

Step Two: Lay your squares out and decide on placement. To help my blanket feel "random" I made sure that the same fabric wasn't represented more than once in any given column or row, which is effectively not random at all. Patchwork is funny like that. 

Step Three: Forget to take any more pictures! I was in the zone. 

Step Four: Sew each row together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. To keep from getting confused, it helps to have a photo of the finish layout so you can reference it as your are sewing. I chose to also write the row numbers on post it notes and pin them to the first square in each row. Iron your seam allowances flat.

Step Five: Once each row is complete, sew the rows to each other with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. I stared with row one, and sewed each consecutive row to the bottom. I know some people choose to sew two rows together, then combine them. Use which ever makes the most sense for you. Pay close attention to match seams. My seams are 100% matched up, but they are pretty close which is fine for me. Part of the beauty of handmade items is that it is not perfect, and you can tell that someone put time and effort into making it. Once all of your rows are together, iron the seams flat.

Step Six: Cut your backing fabric into a 36" x 36" square. Place your patchwork top over your backing fabric with right sides together. Pin all the way around, leaving a 6" opening on one side. 

Step Seven: Sew all the way around the blanket, skipping the 6" opening.

Step Eight: Turn the blanket inside out, pushing the corners out, and iron the sides flat. 

Step Nine: Top stitch 1/4 inch all the way around your blanket. This will enclose your opening. If you want to go to ensure that you closed your opening, go back and use a blind stitch to completely finish it off.

And you're done! 

This blanket is for the new baby, but since her crib is in pieces in our room I laid it out on Nora's new bed so you can see the finished product. 

I love the colors used in this blanket. It is definitely a girly blanket but its not overwhelmingly pink.

I chose to use a light blue flannel for the back of this blanket. It doesn't match completely, but it goes nicely with the colors and I had a left over piece that was just big enough for this project. Again, making the husband happy that I didn't buy something new. 

I showed Nora the blanket and she loved it!

So much so, that when I told her it wasn't for her she got really upset and started to cry. 

I was forced to pull the blanket that I made for her out of closet so she didn't think I was neglecting her. Poor baby. Luckily she liked hers just as much.

What do you think of this quick patchwork blanket? I think this makes a perfect gift for a new baby. Let me know if you try this out!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Shop Rebrand: Foxglo is now Cozy Threads Co.

I have some exciting news today! If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, then you have already seen the announcement.
Foxglo Designs is now Cozy Threads Co!
I took a little break from my shop while I was adjusting to being back at work after being a stay at home mom for almost a year. The transition was for the best, and I am truely happy to be back at work, but I was left with much less time to make anything for the shop. With the news of a new baby on the way, I was reinvigorated to begin sewing again (after I relaxed for the 1st trimester- the sleepiness is no joke).
My most favorite things to create are baby products. I went to school for fashion design and retailing, and for a long time I thought I wanted to sew and design clothes. More recently I have come to realize that I have a passion for home decor, specificaly all of the wonderful things to wrap around babies. Therefore, the focus of my shop is shifting from home decor for adults and babies, to mostly just babies. The new name (and fantastic logo) were created with the help of my husband, Madison. I feel that Cozy Threads Co embodies the feeling I have about my shop. I want to create beautiful handmade pieces, that are meant to be used and loved, and make your babies feel cozy and cuddly. Isn't a cozy baby really the best thing in the world?
Currently my shop has a selection of a few quilts, and all of my in stock embroidery hoops. I plan to expand my inventory in the coming weeks. There will be new quilts added, along with a wide range of new products such as swaddles, everyday blankets, headbands, and newborn and toddler beanies. As always, custom orders will be available on certain items. I cannot wait to show you what I have in store!
Be sure to follow along on my social media accounts for the latest news and updates, as well as product releases and giveaways!