Saturday, May 24, 2014

Nora Lately

Nora Lately

Nora has been so fun lately. I keep saying it, but 13 months is the best. Really she just keeps getting better and better. Here's a little of what she's been up to:

- Talking non-stop! She has been mimicking us a lot more recently and has been saying "hi" "more" "all done" "no" (not thrilled about that one haha) "baby" "wawa" (water) "cracker" "dog-dog" "mommy" and "dada" 

- Making this noise, which I can't get enough of

- Eating everything in sight. She's been getting a little bit more picky and wanted nothing but crackers for a little while, but we're opening her up to new foods now. She's been especially loving blueberries and whole wheat crackers with hummus on top. I figured if she's going to be obsessed with them we might as well go for a healthier option

- Going for walks almost every day with me as I try to get in shape. She loves being outside. If she's starting to get fussy I just take her outside and she's instantly better

- Figuring out how to get around more. She can now climb down off the couch on her own and she's been taking steps! Just a couple at a time and only rarely but it's so fun to see her try. We caught a few of them on camera 

- Laughing all the time. She's such a goofball, it's the best.

- Meeting friends at the park! She is obsessed with babies, and I keep telling her she's still a baby but I don't think she believes me 

- She's been way more snugly lately and will give kisses and hugs

- She is super friendly; whenever we go somewhere she must say hi to everyone

- And finally, wearing back packs. If that's not cute I don't know what is. The pack is c/o Swankaroo and it's pretty amazing.

Nora Lately

She is showing her personality more and I love it. Madison and I have a pretty cool kid on our hands. 

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