Sunday, May 3, 2015

On My Bookshelf Wishlist

I aspire to be a reader. Truthfully I find it difficult to sit down and read for long periods of time. Maybe I get distracted too easily, or maybe it's because I'm ready for bed as soon as we get home from work these days. Whatever the reason, I aim to change that. I know that it is important to wide down at the end of the day, preferably without electronics, and a good book is a great way to do that. Here are a few books that I want on my bookshelf. 

If you read this post, you know that I completed my first round of Whole 30 not too long ago. I had great success and felt wonderful. Then I got pregnant and my desire for a Paleo lifestyle went down while my cravings for ice cream went up. Although I am not going to be following this lifestyle right now, I still want to read the new Whole 30 book. This is more of a detailed version of the Whole 30 program than what is included in It Starts With Food, which focuses more on the science behind the lifestyle. After baby number 2 is born, I plan to try this program again, so I want to learn all I can now before I'm way too tired to stay up and read at night. We have been trying to eat healthier overall, so this book will definitely be a big help. 

Mamrie Hart is fabulous. She is hilarious and I love her show You Deserve a Drink on Youtube. I can only image how funny this collection of stories is going to be. I definitely like lighthearted books that make you feel good when you read them. After a long day at work, that sounds like just the kind of thing I need. Plus, after each story is an original cocktail recipe. I might not be able to drink now, but just like Whole 30 recipes, I'm just gathering my information now until I can enjoy later.

I love Joy Cho's blog, Oh Joy, so naturally I was very excited to learn that she wrote a new book! This book includes projects designed to bring color and whimsy into your life. From fashion to decor and entertaining, I can't wait to see what ideas Joy has to share about bringing beauty into everyday life. 

This book from the author of the popular blog, Design Mom, sounds like a winner to me. It offers a room by room guide to keeping a stylish, yet organized, home with kids. Nora has a lot of things, and with another baby on the way, the kids products are just going to keep coming. Our home is basically a blank slate now, we haven't had much time to decorate since we moved in, so it will be great to incorporate some of these ideas as we continue to furnish and style our home.

You may have noticed there are no novels on this list. That's because I don't have any idea what I would like to read! If you have any suggestions for fiction or non-fiction, please leave them below. I certainly want to start reading more so I'd love to hear what you are enjoying. 

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