Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Shop Rebrand: Foxglo is now Cozy Threads Co.

I have some exciting news today! If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, then you have already seen the announcement.
Foxglo Designs is now Cozy Threads Co!
I took a little break from my shop while I was adjusting to being back at work after being a stay at home mom for almost a year. The transition was for the best, and I am truely happy to be back at work, but I was left with much less time to make anything for the shop. With the news of a new baby on the way, I was reinvigorated to begin sewing again (after I relaxed for the 1st trimester- the sleepiness is no joke).
My most favorite things to create are baby products. I went to school for fashion design and retailing, and for a long time I thought I wanted to sew and design clothes. More recently I have come to realize that I have a passion for home decor, specificaly all of the wonderful things to wrap around babies. Therefore, the focus of my shop is shifting from home decor for adults and babies, to mostly just babies. The new name (and fantastic logo) were created with the help of my husband, Madison. I feel that Cozy Threads Co embodies the feeling I have about my shop. I want to create beautiful handmade pieces, that are meant to be used and loved, and make your babies feel cozy and cuddly. Isn't a cozy baby really the best thing in the world?
Currently my shop has a selection of a few quilts, and all of my in stock embroidery hoops. I plan to expand my inventory in the coming weeks. There will be new quilts added, along with a wide range of new products such as swaddles, everyday blankets, headbands, and newborn and toddler beanies. As always, custom orders will be available on certain items. I cannot wait to show you what I have in store!
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