Saturday, January 18, 2014

Covered in Meat in the Vegetarian's House

We moved to Connecticut! All of our things are in the house mand that is about it. Madison managed to put the crib and our bed together last night and that's as far as we got before everyone was too exhausted to do anymore. It was quite an adventure to even get to this point. Here's the rundown of events.

Wednesday night I was on my way to dinner with a friend when I was blindsided by another car. It happened so fast I didn't even see him driving towards me. The accident was really bad, my airbags deployed and the whole front of my car was torn off. The other driver came over to ask me if I was okay but I could immediately tell something was wrong because I couldn't move my arm. I called 911 and was taken to the hospital where I found out my arm was broken and my wrist had been dislocated. Madison's car was already in Connecticut so he had to wait until my mom and dad could drive up to watch the baby before he could come meet me at the hospital. Once he got there the doctor informed him that I would need to be knocked out and have my arm reset, then wrapped up. We needed to wait for the swelling to go down before I could get a cast. I was put under and apparently was the entertainment of the night with all of the things I said. I called one of the nurses Kenneth because he looked like the page from 30 Rock. Also, I tried to explain to Madison the my body had melted and I was now at a theme park called Molecule Land that had rides such as "ups, downs, and triangles." So it seems like everyone was pretty well entertained while I got my arm straightened out. We left the hospital around 11:00 PM that night.

The next day my parents came back up to help us finish packing as my arm was in a sling and I was pretty useless. During this time my cousin's wife called to inform me that my cousin, who was planning on helping us move, had broken his ankle. Really?! At this point I was convinced our move was cursed. Madison decided hiring a moving company was the only way we could get everything into the truck. He finished packing as much as possible so we would be ready to go the next day.

Friday morning rolled around and our moving team called to inform us that they would be arriving at 1:30, instead of 11:00 as promised. Way to add more stress onto an already stressed out family. Once they showed up they were actually really great and got everything packed up super quick. The only thing that had me worried at this point was that we would be on the road and getting to Hartford at 5:30, rush hour, on a Friday. Surprisingly the traffic was not bad at all and we made great time. Thankfully we had friends on this end to help us unload and that went quickly. 

This morning we planned to do a lot of unpacking after a quick trip to the doctor about my arm. That quick trip turned into 8 hours of waiting at the hospital. The doctors finally determined that I would need surgery to correct the fracture in my arm. We left the hospital exhausted and starving so we went against our new pledge to eat healthy and stopped at Taco Bell for dinner. Trying to eat with one hand is a little harder than expected so I got it all over myself, hence the title of this post. 

All in all this has been a stressful move but we are ready to unpack and get on with this new part of our lives. Last year we moved in a blizzard while I was 7 months pregnant so we clearly don't have the best luck with moving. Hopefully we can get unpacked quickly and start the good parts of this adventure!

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