Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hello Fitness- A New Pair of Shoes

Hey! I got new shoes! Here's a fun fact, this is my first new pair of running shoes since high school. I felt you all cringe. My husband did too, which is why he took me shopping the other day. I told him I really wanted to get serious about my fitness journey and I needed a good pair of running shoes, since he already made me throw away my old pair, may they rest in peace.

Funny story about actually obtaining these bad boys. If you've been following along, you know I got into a car accident last month. Well, my car was totaled and we have not been able to get a new one yet. So for the time being we are a one car family. We decided to go shopping, so we packed up the baby and went outside to start Madison's car. But it didn't start, just our luck. Madison had no idea what was wrong with it (figured it out the next day though!!) so he suggested we walk to the store since we were ready to go. We live close to a major shopping area, only about a mile and a half away. So I walked- in cheap, heeled combat boots. Big mistake. My feet hurt so bad! Don't ask why I didn't wear sneakers, I have no idea. 

Anyway, we made it to the store and I found these Nike Flex Experience running shoes. They are so comfortable! A huge improvement over my old high school gym sneakers. I have not gone running yet because I don't want to further injure my arm, but for walking they are perfect. They are super comfortable, and fit really well. Is fit even an issue with running shoes? I told you, it's been a while.

I love the accent of pink and blue. They aren't as obnoxious as the fluorescent yellow Nike Frees I was considering at first. 

If admitting I needed to get in shape  was step 1, then this is step 2 of Hello Fitness. We're on the road, people!

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