Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dancing in the Dining Room

Today I have another post inspired by Danielle's journal day. This week the prompt is to tell a story about a memory associated with a song.

The year was 1997. I was young, around 7 years old. My house was located on a corner lot of a main street. Our next door neighbors had a grandson who was around the same age as my brother. Consequently, we spent a lot of time with him when he came to visit his grandparents. One evening, my parents invited him over for dinner. The milk was flowing and the cassette player was serenading us in the glorious music of the decade. It was a good time.  After dinner, my parents put on a Meatloaf tape. It was the 90's and he was all the rage. Maybe not, but we liked him. Suddenly we all had the urge to dance. We pushed all of the furniture to the side of the room and stepped out onto our new dance floor. The dance party lasted late into the night, or at least until my bedtime.

This is such a vivid childhood memory because it was so carefree and fun! My family was not very spontaneous, so this sudden moment of we need to dance was awesome. We listened to Meatloaf and the B52s. Now, whenever my mom and I hear this song and "Love Shack," we sing it together. 

I hope to create memories like this with my daughter, even if she thinks I'm crazy. 

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  1. What a wonderful memory! I found your post through Sometimes Sweet. When I was younger, my little brother and I used to dance around the living room at my parents house for hours, listening to Meatloaf and Queen and Robert Palmer and so many others... we'd run around and spin in circles until we were falling over, or at least until Mom and Dad told us to knock it off! Haha. I always love reading about other people's experiences and memories; thanks for sharing yours! :)