Friday, July 3, 2015

DIY Fabric Princess Dolls

I love Pinterest. It is a great place to fine ideas and inspiration. My boards have a plethora of DIY and craft projects I intend to make. Now have I ever made anything I pinned? No. Until now! 

While planning sewing projects for baby #2, I came across this adorable Mermaid Fabric by Ann Kelle. I decided immediately that the baby needed a mermaid patchwork tummy time blanket, like the ones I made before Nora was born. I then realized that the Girlfriends line by Ann Kelle had all sorts of sweet patterns, such as this Princess print. I took to Pinterest to gather inspiration and see what others have sewn with this line.

I came across a post about a pair of pajamas that was made from the princess pattern, and the left over fabric was used to make tiny stuff dolls. Adorable! I wanted to try it as well, and it was incredibly easy and quick to do during Nora's naptime. 

You can find the full instructions here, but all you need to do is cut out the individual princesses, sew a backing on while leaving an opening at the bottom, stuff with fiberfill, and sew the bottom closed. So easy! I love quick projects like this because I feel so accomplished being able to finish in one day. 

We are heading to California next month, and I plan on keeping these as a surprise toy for the plane ride for Nora. She's not that into princesses, but she loves dolls so I have a feeling that these will be a hit. Once I make the new baby's blanket, if I have any leftovers I might end up making little mermaid dolls too!

Do you love Pinterest, and have you every actually made anything you pinned? Let me know in the comments below!

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