Sunday, July 5, 2015

Black and White Triangle Quilt

I finished a project! I've been bit by the sewing bug lately and have been wanting to complete all of the projects I started last year. Also the ones I haven't started but bought fabric for... which is most of them.

I made this quilt with left over black and white Kona from Nora's quilt. I really like the graphic quality and scale of the design. I am still just starting to get into quilting so my inclination is to go for simple patterns, such as half square triangle designs, until I really get the hang of it.

For the backing, I used the same fabric as Nora's quilt, just in black and white. I wanted a gender neutral version but with the same feel. The quilting runs diagonally on the long sides of each triangle.

Nora didn't want to miss out on a photo-op, so she crashed me shoot. 

Then this happened and we were done with that! I have a lot of quilt designs that I want to try out, this is a really fun hobby and I'm glad that I decided to try it out.

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