Monday, October 12, 2015

A Day at the Farm

Hello! It's been a while since I updated this space. Life has been crazy over here. In case you're wondering, yes I am still pregnant. We're currently at 32 weeks, and counting down the time until baby #2 gets here. I'll post a more in-depth pregnancy update soon because I think the differences between my first pregnancy and this one are really interesting.

In current news, we went to a farm today! There is a small family farm that Madison and I drive by everyday on our way to work today and we decided to take Nora today. There was a hayride, a corn maze (which we decided not to attempt), pick your own pumpkins and some farm animals to look at, as well as a farm stand. It was just the perfect amount of fall activities and Nora had a great time. Here's some photos from our day.

We came home with the tiniest pumpkin for Nora, some apple cider and a blueberry pie. Once we were settled at home we made lunch and Nora looked at Madison and I and said "family dinner" in her sweet little voice. It was so nice to hear her say that because I always tell her how much I love it when we all sit down and eat together. Today just such a nice, simple family day. I love days like today.

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